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Having been running WordPress sites with tens of thousands of visitors a day for over a decade, we know how to configure them for top-notch performance and great search engine rankings.

Why WordPress?

Because it is an extremely stable, well-engineered, constantly updated open source CMS with a very active community. It is no coincidence that it is used by more than a third of the world’s websites. However, in order not to run into security, performance, and usability issues, you need to make sure that your WordPress site is professionally designed and maintained.

We don’t just build sites from scratch

We can help you make yours more performing, comfortable and safer. Or we can make tailor-made plugin for you. For some of our customers we have created plugins to integrate WooCommerce with the ERP, with the courier or with the bank’s payment gateway.

Features of our WordPress sites


On each of our sites, we enable browser caching, HTTP caching, Redis object caching, HTTP compression, real cron jobs, Content Delivery Network (CDN), responsive images, JS and CSS minification, and lazyloading to deliver instant loads.


HTTPS, hardening, nonces, periodic updates, core integrity checks, daily backups, management of user permissions based on the principle of least privilege: these are just some of the solutions we use every day to counter the action of malicious actors.

Easy to manage

We give you and your team the tools to manage sites in the easiest way, without getting lost in menus, tweaking code, or using awkward and fragile visual composers.


We create advanced plugins and themes with tailor-made graphics using the most modern available techniques: object-oriented programming, revision control, Composer, SASS, WP-CLI, Docker.


Our sites make use of RESTful APIs, AJAX, push notifications, microdata, analytics, privacy by design, integrated payment systems. In addition, many of the sites we create are multilingual.


We use only the latest technologies, from Ubuntu LTS to the latest versions of PHP, HTTP/2, Maria DB.

Do you have a website to develop?

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Years of experience on WP




Millions of visitors/month

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