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Apps aren’t just entertainment. They take advantage of the features of smartphones and tablets by offering you IT solutions wherever you are: barcode reading, QR codes, geolocation, geofencing, compass, instant notifications.

App Android

Android App Development

Android has become the go-to platform. Globally, it is used by two-thirds of people. The large number of devices in any price range, the incredible number of accessories, the constant improvement, and Google’s more permissive policies than Apple’s make it a perfect choice even at corporate level for B2B apps.

App iOS/iPadOS

iOS/iPadOS app development

These are the operating systems used by iPhones and iPads. Used by one-third of people globally, they are a no-brainer for B2C apps.

The features

All our apps are developed according to criteria of modernity, usability and maximum efficiency.



Unless there are specific needs, we create apps in “native code”, i.e. designed for the operating system on which it runs. Therefore, we create apps that are more flexible, performant and integrated with the system.



Whether it’s B2C or B2B apps, the user experience needs to be optimal. We will build it around those who will use them.



Our apps can exchange data to cloud platforms through APIs (Application Programming Interface) in charge of receiving requests, processing them and returning responses.

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